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Three four oh four that's what you're feeling period four five nine two six eight I'll ever get to do my 30th okay, so the bill right now okay I'm sorry so think I'm writing it down sorry 404 3404, and it's due May 30th all right okay and so um and what's the monthly rate right now that I have to pay next month your multi ready 999 for the performance Internet and the older winter was ten dollars so its 4999 okay and then there was supposed to be a credit I didn't go for this month because there was an outage in the local area, so I don't know that went towards this bill or for the next oh yeah well actually when I caused because the whole area was down for two days they actually emailed me saying that there was a credit to the account and so it should show up on the neck bill, so I'm not feeling a lot more but give me a credit for the trouble call the internet equipment it is also a service adjustment so yeah those where credit if that's what you feel right now is 3404 okay sounds good thank you so much you know while coming out to tree how many other questions or concerns or can I answer all your sure because here you did thank you so much for your heart oh you're welcome a shawl now you have to fear man now hold your hair for your video or your home phone we do have those services available oh I'm not currently interested in that right now okay well if you change your mind give us a call we have a 24-hour service line, so please feel free to call us okay thank you so much you're welcome and thanks for choosing Outcast which shall we appreciate your business oh yeah, thank you okay, so this is the tip okay um my bill and I just want to show something really quick my bill was 5999, and I literally just moved 2 weeks ago, and then I was mailed this promotion from Comcast Xfinity right and so this is 1999 for 12 months and so the technician says something was wrong with the line, so he was like they shouldn't be charging that 6000 to come out and then once I found out this was getting mailed out I called them and I said look if you're charging me 5999 plus the 10 dollars for the box why did I just get this in the mail and so what I found out was so Xfinity Comcast people in general they'll send out mass listings or promotional stuff so what you need to do is let me just give you a verbal tip the whole point of this is you need to if you are currently on one, or you're looking around one of the first things you need to do is find out every provider that's in your area that you can do service with that's one of the first things I did when I moved here I'm a newbie at this crap, but I learned a lot and I just want to give just a couple tips learn all the providers and then once you do that call them up about their current promotions or whatever they're doing find that out and compare it to the other if you possibly can now my case I'm stuck with Xfinity unfortunately, and so they're the only provided that's in this area that I'm at, so I was kind of...
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